Tummy troubles in baby allergies

Tummy troubles in baby allergies

Common tummy troubles in babies starts with funny noises, and continues with vomiting, intestinal gas, constipation or even diarrhea. There are many reasons for tummy troubles, here are some causes and treatments.


Vomiting, in kids, starts with an underlying cause. Fever, ear infections, food-borne illness, rotovirus, norovirus or even bacterial infections are usually some of the causes. When a child starts to vomit, the experience is unpleasant, but no matter what the ccause is, the smell and results are usually the same: Messy! Fluid, time and rest are the best treatments for vomiting children. If your child can’t hold anything down, try ice chips. It’s time to call the doctor when signs of dehydration appear (dark, infrequent urine, dry skin or tearless weeping).

FUN FACT: Children who’s tummies are making those “funny noises” will somehow find you, to make sure you participate in the festivities!!!

Intestinal gas

Intestinal gas isn’t as messy as vomiting but it maybe more painful. High-fiber diets can cause more gas as well as eating too quickly or even swallowing air. Not all children are the same, some kids are gassier than others, but everybody has gas. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do, unless your child is in frequent pain. If there is frequent pain, you should consult the doctor, if not, just teach your child some manners about it. Kids will be kids, have a sense of humor when they ignore manners. Not everyone believes farting is funny, but most children will find it hysterical!

FUN FACT: Have fun with it, download an app on your phone, and make up funny names for the different sounds that are made.


Constipation is another tummy trouble that everyone, even adults, have from time to time. Common causes are usually too little fiber in the diet, too much milk, or too little water. Constipation may cause that first bowel movement to hurt, which may cause your child to not want to go to the bathroom, which will cause the pain to continue. Treatment for constipation is usually fruit juice, extra fiber, and liquids, and lets not forget encouragement from Mommy & Daddy… it can’t hurt! Children’s stool softener, which you can find over-the-counter will do the trick, if the above doesn’t work. Always check with your doctor before giving your child stool softeners.

FUN FACT: Diarrhea may be messy, but constipation can be just as messy! Leakage happens when there is stuff stuck inside. Your child wont be able to control it, so don’t make a big deal about it.


Diarrhea can be caused by anything that causes vomiting, as well as food allergies, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, parasites, too much juice and the list can go on and on. Unfortunately, diarrhea can last for days. You should watch your child for signs of dehydration (see vomiting) and fever, if these occur, you should call the doctor. Keep children hydrated and keep food bland.

FUN FACT: Always know where the bathroom is, public or private. Once a small tummy starts to make those gurgling noises, you don’t have a lot of time, get to the bathroom NOW!!!

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