Travelling with a toddler

Travelling with a toddler

How to travel by car with a 17 month-old toddler and stay in a cottage by a lake? Here are some interesting tips:

  • for the road, take a cooler with the most necessary food for the baby, like milk or cheese. Take some extra milk so that you don’t have to worry about the milk for the night or the next morning.
  • if your baby suffer from baby allergies, take all necessary food and medication.
  • take a few DVDs and CDs that your kid is used to watching or listening. Don’t forget that she will be very annoyed during the journey.
  • install shades on the rear windows. The sun can disturb your baby in her sleep.
  • take a portable crib – you never know how the room and the beds will be organized. For baby’s safety, put her to sleep in a crib.
  • buy a screen for the crib. Keep the screen on, even if the baby is not in. It will help you keep the bugs and mosquitoes away from the baby.
  • install gates around places that you are not comfortable for the baby to go, and of course take  the door locks with you.
  • apply sunscreen the whole day. You don’t know when the sun can harm the baby.
  • when time for the mosquitoes comes, apply the off! repellent. But remember to wash it out when you get back inside. And do not apply it on the baby’s hand and face.
  • take a plastic basin of the size of your baby to give her a bath in it. You don’t know what conditions in the bathroom to expect. And if it’s cool, you can always give her a bath in the living room by a fireplace if there is any.
  • pack all snacks and baby food into a box so no bugs can get into. And your baby doesn’t help herself neither.
  • buy some bottled water. The water in the faucet may not be drinkable.
  • as for the food, instead of worrying if the refrigerator in the cottage works, bring some Gerber yogurts with you. They don’t need to be refrigerated and are so convenient in use.
  • take the regular size stroller. To go for a walk around a lake, a lightweight stroller won’t be useful. You need your big wheels and a protecting canopy

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  • you may want to start to potty train your baby. Take flip-flops and a lot of panties so the baby can wet them all.
  • and let the father stay and play with the baby as much as possible. When Daddy works during the week, he has no energy to spend with the baby. On vacation, she needs him and he needs her. Take your time off and go for a canoe ride by yourself so that they can have some time together. Mom, you don’t have to be by the baby all the time, believe me.

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