Things we waste money on

Things we waste money on

Do you know how to manage your money? Do you pay attention to what you spend your money on? Or you are the master of money leak? Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you want to tighten your budget.

Examination of conscience

  • Do you buy coffee on the go? If yes, realize that you spend around $1,000 a year on your every day ice coffee or hot latte…
  • Do you buy newsstand magazines? Why don’t you consider subscribing? It’s cheaper and delivered right to your door.
  • Do you eat lunch out every day? Being too lazy to prepare a sandwich or a salad at home may triple your yearly spending on coffees… So how lazy are you?
  • Do you order take outs? Just because you are tired after work, you give up on preparing the dinner and you grab your phone to order Chinese food or pizza. How often does it happen a week?
  • Do you visit your favorite ATM every day? Taking out $20 a day, plus fees, may cost you as much as a nice weekend in Vegas… Too late!
  • Do you obey parking rules? Should we call it laziness or a failure to pay attention? How many tickets a year? Pay them on time or you have to add your late fees?

What’s the cure?

Discipline yourself! Be economical! Be smart! Wake up every day 5 min earlier to prepare and drink your coffee at home. Cook some pasta or prepare a soup for your lunch the night before (make it for 2-3 days!). Having cash on you is important so take $50 a week from an ATM and challenge yourself to try to manage on it!

Think savings

We so often overlook many expenses that may seem small but when you add them up, they mean a lot to your budget. Cutting them back or even eliminating them might even save you thousands of dollars every year! And then, reward yourself with a nice gift or put these money away for the college for your kids.

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