The potty training experience

The potty training experience

When I first thought about potty training of my twin girls, different questions came to my mind… When is the best time to do it? What to use: a potty or a special adapter seat? How long will it take altogether? Who will master the skill first: Pola or Maja? etc.
Many people say that the best time for potty training is the summer because it’s hot and the child can play around bare-bottomed. It’s also easier to get changed if an accident happens. So we followed suit and started the whole thing in the summer. The problem is that when you live in a big city, in a flat with no garden attached to it, with only playgrounds and surrounding parks at your disposal, it’s rather difficult to do potty training in the summer. Let me tell you why… When the weather is nice, you spend most of the day outdoors. As I have twins (and I thought we would do potty training for both of them at the same time), I would have to pack huge bags of clothes each day whenever I was out. So after some consideration we decided to start at home. Because we spent lots of time outdoors and the girls still wore diapers during their nap, that left us with only a couple of hours a day to practice the difficult skill of using a potty.

So… where to start?

Anyway, you need to start with something, don’t you? So we did. We did some shopping and the girls were fully equipped: two potties, a special adapter seat and a nice collection of new colorful panties. At the beginning the girls were running around bare-bottomed and I put the two potties in the most visible and accessible places in the living room. So whenever they felt like it, they could just run towards the potty and sit on it. I praised them every time they managed to call me just in time for the pee or pooh. I let them flush, I never showed my anger or disappointment whenever they had ‘an accident’, I let them choose their panties, I exaggerated with showing my pride and joy after each successful episode… 😉 I used all the possible tricks that came to my mind. Of course, they had their ups and downs (actually, mostly downs…;). All the rags, cloths and old towels came in handy, as the floor was continually covered with puddles. After a few days of wiping the floor I simply gave up. I decided we would try again after a few days… or weeks maybe. So we took another go a couple of weeks later and more or less it was the same. The girls were unpredictable; one day everything went great, the next day… back to square one. So I let go again because I realized that probably they didn’t get enough training during the day (it was still summer and they practiced only at home, in which we spent little time). We started all over again in the fall and… as the saying goes, third time lucky. I think it was because they spent more time at home, where they were out of diapers and getting used to the whole idea. They shouted ‘pee!’ more and more often (the funny thing was that they shouted: Mommy, PEE! no matter if it was pooh or really pee;). Sometimes they used the potties, sometimes they preferred the adapter seat. They still wear diapers for naps and during the night but very often they wake up with a dry diaper after the nap, so probably very soon the time will come that we will start potty training at night as well.

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