The Magic of Christmas

Christmas traditions

Originally a Christian holiday symbolizing the birth of Jesus, Christmas became extremely popular in non-Christian families for its traditions. Today, when you think of Christmas, you have in mind: Christmas tree, exchange of greeting cards, special food and gift-giving by ‘Santa Claus’. But there is something more magic in this holiday season: the spirit. With the Christmas decorations and holiday music, everyone is tuned to be merry and more cheerful! It is also a special family- and friends-oriented time.

The Magic of Christmas

Every nations and every family have their own traditions for Christmas. In Poland, we start celebrating Christmas the day before. The afternoon of Christmas Eve, we gather together between family and friends and when the first star start sparkling in the sky, we share Christmas wafer and give it to one another along with a blessing. Then, we start the traditional meatless 12-dishes Christmas Eve supper, based on the special Christmas Eve recipes.

Christmas gift-giving

One of the cheeriest Christmas tradition is gift-giving. Especially for children. Either they get their gifts right after the Christmas supper or early in the morning, they receive gifts from Santa Claus! Either way, it is an exciting time for them, and for adults it is an opportunity to become children, again.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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