Summer baby allergies

Baby allergies in summer

Summer is the season children love but not always enjoy. Seasonal allergies from spring may persist in summer and make the children suffer from pollen, insect bites, mold or dust mites allergies.

Summer air

Stronger sunlight with calmer wind, humidity and air pollution are not a good mix for allergy sensitive children. These conditions worsen significantly symptoms of allergies, mainly asthma.

Pollen in baby allergies

Late spring and summer are characterized by pollutants. the higher the pollen count, the greater the allergy reactions.

Baby allergies to insects

When bees, wasps, yellow jackets are enjoying being free in the air, people with history of allergies to insect bite are struggeling to avoid them.

Studies show that 5% of insect stinging may be life threatening, with severe allergy reaction: swelling of the throat, or tongue, dizziness, nausea.

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