Special formula to treat baby allergies

Special formula to treat baby allergies

Babies are born to be breastfed. The breast milk is the only milk that contains antibodies; these are the main benefits of breast milk. But not every mother can breastfeed. Some mothers don’t want to breastfeed, some choose not to breastfeed because of their lifestyle, and some mothers, even if they want, they cannot breastfeed. The reasons are wise but the consequence for the baby is only one: they have to be fed with formula. Formula is artificial milk prepared for babies. They contain almost everything they need. Almost. They do not contain antibodies. Antibodies are important for baby’s protection, especially in the first few years of life.

Formula option

Conscious mothers breastfeed their babies. Even if the mother has to go back to work after 6 weeks, she can still pump and the babysitter can nurse the baby from the bottle. But only if the mother wants. Sometimes, the breastfeeding is more challenging, because babies can have allergic reactions to the breast milk. In these cases, the mother might try a special diet. In case of dairy allergy, she should follow ‘no-dairy diet’. If it doesn’t help, she should consider to look further for the allergen. The ‘elimination diet’ should be considered. If this one doesn’t work either, the only solution remaining is the artificial milk, called formula. But in all cases, the mother should consult the lactation specialist, as well as the pediatrician. Since all the diets affect her body, she should always check with her physician. Since she deprive her system of important minerals, supplements and blood tests may be required. There are so many choices of baby formula on the market. But the decision which one is the right one for the baby should be taken by a specialist. If the child is not allergic to soy, the doctor may recommend a soy-based formula. But in the case of bigger baby allergies, the baby should benefit from special, hydrolyzed, casein-based formulas.

Baby allergies breast milk substitute recommended by my doctor

These formulas contain protein that has been extensively broken down so it is different than milk protein and not as likely to cause an allergic reaction. Examples of casein-hydrolysate formulas are Similac Alimentum and Enfamil Nutramigen. In some very severe cases, when the baby is allergic to almost everything, a different special formula, made from artificial ingredients is to be considered.

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Introduce formula to a breastfed baby

It might be difficult for a breastfed baby to take the bottle and to accept the taste of the formula. Especially Nutramigen smells and tastes ugly. The first step would be to mix the breast milk with 0.5 oz of formula. Then, every day and with every feeding the amount of the formula should be increased. The amount of ounces and the frequency of feedings should be consulted with the pediatrician. When to wean from a special formula to a milk or milk substitute (such as rice milk or soy milk) will vary depending on the baby’s allergies. Special formula is an excellent source of necessary nutrients, so many doctors recommend continuing its use even after the age of one year. The good news is that before the second year of baby’s life, most of the baby allergies are outgrown.

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