Recommended toddler toys

Recommended toddler toys

Toys are important for the kids’ development. But you have to be careful and choose only the safe and tested ones. I usually don’t buy toys spontaneously and always do research on them first. As a mother of a 17 month-old girl, I can recommend lots of toys that I have been giving to her to play. But remember that something that is a great toy for my toddler can be not interesting for yours.

Below, I prepared a list of the toys that I definitely recommend and we are happy with them:

Alphabet puzzle mat

Made with foam, this mat protects a falling baby from injuries and gives a lot of fun when playing with. For the security reason for this age, I took out all the small pieces, ex. from inside the ’6’, just in case the baby wanted to chew on it and to prevent from swallowing. Later, when the baby recognizes the letters and numbers it will be a great tool to exercise the alphabet.

14” ball

Ball brings a lot of fun. The baby walks with the ball, throws it and runs after. If you have a dog, its a great opportunity for the dog to play with the baby as well.

Sit to stand baby walker

Sit to stand baby walker helps in walking, then gives the baby the opportunity to drive like Daddy does, has a lot of music and buttons that the baby enjoys. One of the favorite features is the phone. Baby imitates the adults talking on the phone.

Baby tent

Babies love to go under the table. Why don’t you provide them with something safer and funnier to hide under? This tent doesn’t have anything that could harm the baby and is very easy to install. You can put the books inside so the baby has her own quiet place to read.

Baby’s first books

Books are a very important part of education. You should start to read or show the books to the baby from the very beginning. She will then get used to the books. You can show her the pictures and name the objects so she can learn new words.

Elmo chicken dance

In general The Sesame Street is a very good source of good things for the baby. They teach words and numbers, how to communicate and teach proper social behaviors. The mappets are colorful and funny so the baby loves watching them. You can get plenty of gadgets that reminds the baby about Elmo, like this singing and dancing toy. The baby will imitate the dance and learn cause and consequence by pushing the button and having Elmo dance.

Baby’s first blocks

From the very early age, the baby can play with those blocks.She can chew on them, then destroy a tower that you have built for her, and then, learn how to put a block in the adequate shape hole. Just remember, dogs love chew on them as well.

Balls and basket

150 balls in this basket are a great playground for the baby. You have it home, you don’t have to worry about the hygiene because the only kid that plays with them is your baby. The only hassle is that you have to put back all the balls in the basket after the baby have played with them… Later, she can learn how to clean the room by herself. And the basket can be used for other toys storage as well.

Ball popper

Ball popper pops out balls while playing music. Kids should catch the balls, if not, have to run after. Colorful and funny toy, enjoyed by kids and adults. Since only five balls are included in the set, you should equip yourself in replacement set of balls right away.

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