Happy Valentine’s day, every day!

Happy Valentine’s day, every day!

Valentine’s Day is here! Like every year, we are preparing gifts, cards, diners and, again, the craziness of commercials is surrounding us. But what is Valentine’s Day all about?

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, originally called Saint Valentine’s Day, was established some times in the Middle Ages and was named after Christian martyrs but not really associated with one exact legend of love. Over the years legends became more and more popular and started giving more of the romantic taste to the Valentine’s Day. Today we define Valentine’s Day as an annual commemoration celebrating love and affection between intimate companions, held on February 14th.

What is love?

There is something in life that keeps us going. Oxygen, water, food… all that is important for the body but what about the soul? The energy booster for the soul is love. It fuels our body and makes our lives a happy and challenging place on earth. The definition of love is very personal and everyone has one of his own. Saying: ‘I love you’, means something different to everyone and everybody understands ‘I love you’ in a different way. There is no scale for love, no obligation. If you love, you won’t hurt. If you love, you want only good for the person. And the point is to be loved back!

Where does love come from?

Some people have partners: husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, same sex, opposite sex, older, younger, close by or far… Some people have children: daughter, son, one or five, biological or adopted… And some people don’t have family at all but still want to love, so they have other love targets like pet or hobby. But everyone needs love and everybody deserves to be happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, every day!

You know what love is and you know how to show it. You know what to do to make your beloved one happy. You know that you are loved back so isn’t your Valentine’s Day every day?

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