Halloween safety tips for baby allergies

Halloween safety tips for baby allergies

Halloween is a fun time for all the kids to dress up and have a great time trick-or-treating with their friends. There is a magic in Halloween decorations, adorable kids in their Halloween Costumes picking up candies on the Halloween night. Besides the magic of the Halloween night, there are also two important things to remember: safety and health. Especially with baby allergies, parents should take special measures to protect their kids from any allergy reactions.

Trick-or-treating – special Halloween rules

Halloween safety tips:

  • always have an adult accompanying children out trick-or-treating
  • make sure the Halloween Costumes are safe (kids have to have a good visibility in their masks and have no hanging costume pieces that could pose a trip hazard)
  • explain to them not to eat any of the collected candies until they get back home and you examine them all
  • educate kids about safety and appropriate Halloween behavior (politeness, street limits, stranger rules, staying in group)
  • consider the weather in your area and make sure kids don’t get cold

Before they go, make sure they understand all and each of the safety Halloween rules.

Halloween health tips for allergic babies

Halloween is a special time for kids to enjoy the uncontrollable amount of candies. But what if your baby is allergic? In either case of internal (food allergy) or external allergy (allergy to fabrics), you should be very careful about preparing Halloween food, Halloween Costumes and educate your baby what to do to avoid any allergy reactions.
There are three principal steps you should take to prevent your allergic baby from being a victim of Halloween:

  • do not give the baby, not even keep in house, any candy that could cause allergy – obviously
  • set specific rules: not to eat, unwrap or play with anything they get in their trick-or-treat bag until they get home and you have a chance to examine it all
  • inform the parents hosting the Halloween party or organizing the trick-or-treating tour what your baby is allergic to, so they can omit those allergens from the menu or from their bags

In the case of severe allergies, when the allergen could be life threatening, you should take special measures to avoid a tragedy. When you host or plan to attend a Halloween party, you have to remember that your baby can grab anything from the table within a second. In the case of baby allergies, you should be exceptionally precocious. If you host a Halloween party, you should use only the Halloween recipes that don’t contain the most common allergens. Moreover, the Halloween food should be prepared following your baby allergies requirements. If you are attending a Halloween party, you should contact the host first and inform that any food containing for example peanut might be life threatening for your baby. No worries, they will understand.

Allergy free Halloween treats

Now that Halloween approaches you are probably planning what treats offer to your visitors? To help kids to be healthier, you should consider other treats besides candy:

  • packed dry fruits, granola bars, sweets made with natural juice
  • stickers and tattoos with children’s characters or animals
  • Halloween toys
  • things to write with and draw with, like pencils and pens designed in the Halloween spirit

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As you can see, with a creative thinking your Halloween hand outs can be fun, useful and healthy with no or just a little bit of sugar. In general, whatever Halloween treats you want to offer, you should always check for the most common allergens, like peanut. It might be safer to avoid treats that contain them.
As parents, especially parents of babies with allergies, we want our kids to have a great time, enjoy themselves, but stay safe all at the same time.

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