Guide to babyproof your home

Guide to babyproof your home

As a parent you are responsible for baby’s life and safety. By taking the most necessary baby safety steps, you can avoid accidents that nobody wants to happen. First of all use common sense and think what could become a potential hazard. Also, crawl through your house to have the baby’s-eye view and look for anything dangerous that needs to be childproofed. Then take a look at our babyproof checklist and follow our safety suggestions.

Safety suggestions to babyproof your home

  • install baby gates – baby gates should protect the baby from falling down the stairs, climbing up the bookcase or protect your ‘toys’ like TV or DVD players from being destroyed
  • install window guards
  • hide blind cords – so the baby doesn’t suffocate when playing with them
  • use the back burners for cooking whenever possible
  • always close the kitchen area when the oven is heated up with a gate and safety locks
  • install cabinet locks
  • switch your knobs to close from the corridor or install the ones without a lock, so your baby doesn’t lock herself in the bathroom or your bedroom
  • never leave scissors or knives at hand or keep them in drawers closed up with safety locks
  • keep coins and all small objects away from the baby’s reach – the rule is that anything small enough to fit inside the cardboard of the toilet paper is too small
  • put away all glass decoration, like vases or picture frames
  • put plants away from her reach so she doesn’t have a chance to chew on them
  • install outlet’s covers
  • put your computer and shredder out of her reach, e.g. on the desk
  • never leave disconnected charger or other cables in the outlet
  • keep all the chemicals, alcohol beverages, medication and detergents in closed area, like closets. And even closed, keep them up so the baby can’t reach them at any time
  • organize your furniture the way the baby can’t jump from one to another
  • put pillows by the sofa, so when the baby climbs and falls, she doesn’t hurt herself

How to babyproof the everyday life and avoid a tragedy?

  • for general home safety:
    • don’t let her play with a plastic bag and sharp objects
    • always read safety instructions
    • never trust pets
  • for bathroom safety:
    • never leave the baby alone in the bath tub
    • keep all the chemicals, medication and detergents out of her reach
    • keep the toilet bowl closed
  • for bedroom safety:
    • never leave your baby alone on a changing table
    • don’t overheat the room
  • for outside safety:
    • always use the break on the stroller when you are not handling the stroller
    • don’t let her run on the sidewalk by a busy street
    • always buckle her up!

Whatever happens, whenever you are, always keep poison emergency 1-800-222-1222, the emergency 911 and your doctor’s numbers handy!

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