Elimination diet when breastfeeding to fight baby allergies

Elimination diet when breastfeeding to fight baby allergies

Babies are born to be breastfed. The breast milk is the best food for them, because they are getting all they want and only the breast milk can give them the protection they need. No other milk contains antibodies. But sometimes, the breastfeeding may be a challenge, especially with baby allergies. It is extremely rare that the baby is allergic to the mother’s breast milk. Usually baby allergies come from the mother’s diet. First step to save the breastfeeding is to detect the allergen. In most cases babies are allergic to the milk protein present in dairy, so the ‘no-dairy’ diet is to be followed. After 14 days the allergy should be gone. If not, it means that the baby might be allergic to more foods and the allergen has to be found.

Elimination diet

In order to detect the cause of allergy other than dairy, the mother should switch to a severe diet, called ‘elimination diet’. It consists of cleaning up the body from any allergens and then introducing new foods, step by step. The breastfeeding mother should start with eating the four least allergic foods: rice, pears, squashes and turkey. Ideally they would be raw, dry or cooked, without any seasoning. They can be combined in different ways. After four days, like in the ‘four days rule’ when introducing solid food to the baby’s diet, she should introduce a new food, also from the least allergic food list. Then, add a new food after another day or two. She should make records of everything she eats and write down baby allergies reactions. Elimination diet menu:

  • day 1 – 2 – natural pear juice – dried pear – boiled squash –  puffed rice – rice cakes – rice milk – boiled rice
  • day 3 – 4 –  canned pear – raw pear – boiled zucchini –  boiled rice pasta – natural rice cookies – rice honey
  • day 5 – cooked cauliflower
  • day 6 – cooked millet
  • day 7 – chicken soup with carrots and potatoes
  • day 8 – cooked broccoli
  • day 9 – ice lettuce with cucumber
  • day 10 – cranberries

At the beginning it will be easy but after a few days, the breastfeeding mother will feel weaker and will have less milk. She should pump to encourage the breasts to produce more milk. Also she might be craving for regular food and start giving up. It is crucial to be supportive of her so that she feels stronger. And always focused on the target, which is to keep breastfeeding and help the baby eliminate anything that may be the cause of baby allergies. And she should remember to replace the missing minerals with supplements, but always consult it with the doctor.

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