Dealing with parents-in-law

Dealing with parents-in-law…

Ok, so here is the thing. You can have a good relationship with your in-laws, neutral or bad. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s neutral, sometimes you love each other and the other you wish you lived on the other coast. But what if the relationship is bad all the time? How do you handle your marriage when you can’t stand the in-laws or they don’t get along with you?

Mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law

Great relationships with in-laws are beyond exceptional. You can barely hear about loving and carrying mother-in-law. More often people are disappointed with them, especially young couples. Even if at the beginning the relation seems nice, it is because everyone is testing the new member of the family. Especially the mother-in-law is trying to be the greatest mom ever. She tries to make a friend out of you so she tells you all about the childhood and the puberty of her son. Then comes reality so she talks about living; she will tell you how her son likes the shirt to be ironed, the socks to be arranged in the drawer, and the cutlets to be prepared. The third and the last step that remains forever is the one she criticizes you for everything, she doesn’t appreciate one single thing you do for her beloved son. She is opinionated, she is jealous and she wants to control your lives. And she would love her son to divorce you…

Here comes the baby

When the baby comes, she may change and be the best grandma ever. Or she can continue her criticism… And what if you have to deal with baby allergies? And you have no support from the in-laws? You have to ask yourself then: who is the most important in your life? Obviously. Take care of your family: your partner and your baby.

Cut the umbilical cord, mom!

Very often the mother can’t accept the fact that her baby son is a man and he is married. She continuously wants to be the most important woman in his life. She has the need to be bossy and she has this feeling that she is the only one who really knows what the son needs. Fortunately, with the support of his wife, the terrified man can explain to his mother that he is not married to her, and his only obligation to his mother is to respect her and to honor her. A married man’s first priority should be his wife.
And a word for the wife: maybe the in-laws will accept you as you are. Maybe not. Just be happy and enjoy your husband and the kids!

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