Christmas baby allergies warnings

Christmas baby allergies warnings

Christmas is full of magic: fragrance, decorations, greenery and fire but all that can cause baby allergies. Make sure you eliminate allergens so that everyone can enjoy the magic of Christmas!

Allergy-friendly tips for Christmas

Every family wants to transform their regular house into a magic Christmas land. We decorate the inside with garlands and ornaments, install Christmas tree and other greenery. All that to feel the magic of Christmas. But, what if your child is sneezing and wheezing during this holiday season because of its magic? Follow these steps and you will both enjoy the magic of Christmas and a healthy baby:

  • Fragrance – lighting scented candles may give an aroma of Christmas to your house but remember that your allergic baby may not tolerate its artificial and strong scent. Instead, fill your house with a natural aroma by simmering a cinnamon stick in water on the stove
  • Decorations – all decorations, especially stocked in your basement, collect dust and mold on their surfaces – wipe them with soap and water before decorating your house and remember to pack better for the next year.
  • Greenery – your baby may have allergies to mold and pollen on greenery. If that’s the case, avoid real Christmas tree and purchase an artificial one. But again, remember that it collects dust so clean it as often as possible.
  • Fire – dirt and smoke from the fire can cause breathing problems to your allergic baby. Clean often the fire place and install screen with doors.

If you do everything to eliminate allergens, everyone will be able to enjoy the magic of Christmas!

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