Challenges of being a single parent

Challenges of being a single parent

Family is a group of people related by blood, marriage or common residence. It is the principal institution for the socialization of children. The old-fashioned model of family would be: parents, meaning a mother and a father, and children. These days, this model is not the only one.

old fashioned model of family
Today’s trends show that parents are not necessarily a mother and a father, not even a woman and a man. A mother and her boyfriend, a father and his second wife, lesbians, gays… they all raise children. One thing, however, will never change: for children to be born, they have to have two biological parents; a male who procreates and a female who gives birth.

Single parent families

Parents play different roles: from emotional support from a mother, to being a protective father who provides. Single parents have a far greater challenge – they have to be both a mother and a father to the child. But before being able to take care of the child, the single parent has to learn how to take care of himself first. He has to deal with emotions after the loss of his partner, whether it was through separation, divorce, or death. Losing a partner, no matter how, involves going through a grieving process to heal emotionally and re-establish a normal life.

Positive and negative sides of single parenting

Positive sides of single parenting:

  • have more time for children
  • can build stronger bond with children
  • kids of single parents are more independent and manage better their emotions

Negative sides of single parenting:

  • less time for himself
  • more responsibilities: take care of kids, earn a living, maintain the household
  • higher expectations from a potential partner

Single parent dating

Before dating again, a single parent should ask himself a few questions:

  • “Am I ready to date yet?” – being single may bring some insecurities about the looks, the emotions, the social skills.
  • “Am I finished with the old relationship?” – any financial and legal matters must be closed in order to be able to concentrate on a new relationship.
  • “Did my children have enough time to grieve the loss?” – they may be feeling abandoned, and they’ll need love, support, and encouragement to move forward. And they need to build a new relationship with the parent, the only parent. Dating too soon can create behavioral problems that are not easy to solve.
  • “Am I prepared to tell children about dating?” and “have I prepared them for it?”- kids are also going through a big change, and they may be insecure or jealous if a new adult is introduced to the family. The most important is to be honest and open in the communication.

Internet dating

How do single parents find people to date? The traditional way to meet new people is through mutual friends, when friends play matchmaker and send the single parent on a blind date. But with the popularity of the Internet, many websites offer friendships and even handle matrimonial offers for singles. It is called online dating. People get to know each other through the Internet, they look for matches and eventually go on dates. Those websites give people the opportunity to find love. Try – The Best Approach to Finding the Right Person for You!

Dating a parent of a baby with allergies

When a single parent deals with baby allergies and at the same time seeks a relationship, why not try websites and communities for parents whose babies have allergies? The common subject would break the ice and allow both single parents to communicate easily by exchanging the experience with allergies. They can find their match on the mentioned above websites, simply by choosing the right dimensions of compatibility.
Being a simple parent is a challenge itself. But when the baby has allergies it definitely is a dare.
That’s why becoming a single parent shouldn’t be an end but a beginning.

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