Blessing of being a mom of twins

Blessing of being
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a mom of twins

Our twin girls, Maja and Pola, were born through caesarian section and I think it was a kind of gratification for the difficult time of pregnancy;) Talking about names… Choosing names for twins can be difficult. We tried to think of the two which would not be very different in terms of length or other qualities. We didn’t want them to clash (e.g. one very traditional, the other if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link121″).style.display=”none”;} very modern).
Having a baby is already a challenge;

having twins – a double one… When we came home we had to learn how to master breastfeeding. They were usually fed simultaneously, which saved time. It must have been quite a funny sight, but from my perspective I saw two little heads, usually half asleep, which was so cute and moving at the same time that I felt like crying. The nights were rather difficult, because with both of them waking up a few times each night, we had the feeling that we got up every 20 minutes! It got better with time, of course.

Proud Mom of twins

Going for a walk with a double stroller is really something! You get so much positive feedback from total strangers that a simple walk turns into an exciting social experience. People smile, stop to talk to you or simply shout ‘Well done, congratulations!’ Of course it can be also stressful when the two baby twins start to cry at the same time. But a mother of twins simply has to learn to cope with such situations. There’s no other way. After a few weeks of having twin girls I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have only one child! From the very beginning there were two of them, Maja and Pola. And although we treat them as two separate individuals (e.g. we dress them differently) neither exists in isolation. Each is different; with different personality, eating habits, ways of coping with difficulties, skills, favourite toys… And that’s the beauty of it! Having identical twins doesn’t mean having clones, and it would be harmful and simply unjust to treat them in this way.
Early months are obviously quite difficult, but with time it gets easier and easier.

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Twin babies play together. They learn the basics of social interaction with their peers at home. They develop faster, learning from each other, picking up new skills, trying to communicate as soon as possible, learning to solve conflicts. Now, when they’re two and quite independent in many ways, I have much more time on my hands. There are moments in which I just sit back, relax and watch them play together. As with all kids, they also fight, push, bite and scream… But then you see them cuddling and saying ‘I love you Pola, I love you Maja…’ and this is something which can’t be overrated.

‘Double trouble?’ I say ‘Double blessing!’

I heard so many times people say ‘Oh, gosh, it must be really difficult to have twins!’ I always answer back with a smile that for me it’s not ‘double trouble’ but ‘double blessing’. Every day they look at me with their two pairs of loving and trusting eyes and I can’t believe my luck. But maybe you need to experience all that to be

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