Black Friday phenomenon

Black Friday phenomenon

Black Friday is the name of the Friday after Thanksgiving. That day is very important for the buyers and for the sellers as well because it marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season. The name would signify heavy traffic that day. It is not even about the crazy traffic on the streets. We are talking about the traffic inside the stores, the crowds!

Retailers challenge

Every year, retailers challenge themselves and try to find still better ways to get more and more customers. This year, the craziness started much before the Thanksgiving week. We could observe sales, promotions and discounts already around Halloween. Moreover, I saw Christmas decorations in September…

Customers profit

On Black Friday, people are usually off or finish their work earlier. So what do they do? Some stores open doors as soon as at 3am, shoppers wait for their Black Friday sales hours before. They make a line and bring their folding chairs to sit and wait to catch their Black Friday deals. Since the quantities are usually limited, they want to make sure they are the first to get what they came for. Other people just stay home and do nothing. No shopping, no craziness, just relaxing, missing the great Black Friday deals. Bu there is also the third group of people. They are relaxing and shopping at the same time. And we are talking about Black Friday online deals! Yes, online stores do their best as well to get millions and millions in sales that day. In the media and through email alerts scream Black Friday sales days before the Thanksgiving to whet our appetite and catch our attention. The week of Thanksgiving, you’d better check your emails every day, otherwise your inbox might explode! But you know, whatever it is, as long as we, the customers, may take advantage of it and save, save and save…!

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