Be prepared for natural disasters

Be prepared for natural disasters

All disasters, either coming from mother nature, or in consequence of human activity, are scary, may be life threatening and could have severe consequences. Some might be predictable, some can submerge unpredicted. Everything you thought was sure and stable may prove you wrong. Nothing is sure, nothing is stable. Everything is relative. Earth for instance, would be something that can’t move or shake. You would rely on it as the most stable thing in the world? Wrong! August 23rd our earth proved that everything is relative. The earth suddenly shaked. Nobody was prepared for this andn nobody expected it. You were at work, in the car or walking down the street and all of the sudden, the ground was waving, making you loose the gravity for a little while? How confused you were? That day you understood that all the certainty is uncertain. So you wonder now what is stable? Nothing? What is unquestionable? Nothing?

East Coast experience

Recently, the East Coast of US was being threatened by natural disasters: the same week an earthquake and a hurricane warning were being experienced. How prepared you are for being stacked inside the house for few days? How ready you are for having to evacuate your household if such a disaster approaches? Go through our check list and answer the questions honestly. Be prepared because you’d better be safe then sorry!

Lifetheatening disasters check list

Do you have a few days supply of water stored in your house?
Do you have enough food to feed your family for few days, in case stores were flooded and you couldn’t go shopping?
Do you carry a bottle of water and a snack wherever you go? What about your cell phone? Is it charged all the times, or you always have one bare battery supply? Anything can happen at anytime. You should know it.
Do you have cash, small bills hidden in your drawer just in case the machines for ‘plastic’ wouldn’t work?
Do you have candles, batteries and flash lights ready to use in case of a permanent outrage?
If your baby suffers from baby allergies, do you keep extra supply of medication in case pharmacies were not operating?
Do you keep the most valuable items safe, stored in non perishable places?
Do you have a safe place to hide in your house, or a place elsewhere to go away if a disaster was approaching?
Does everyone in your family know what to do, where to go, in case of an emergency?
Do you have a plan as how to communicate with your relatives, get and give information that you are ok? You are used to the Internet working on every single electronics you have? Don’t forget that these things are good only when they have electricity and signal provided. If not, then what?
Are your belongings insured? Your household, your car, and the most valuable items you possess? Maybe you have collectibles? Make sure these are safe and insured.
May sound scary, but make sure you have life insurance and a will written down. Be prepared for the worst, and save your family members from arguing over your belongings. Thinking about death is not easy, but not resting in peace is worst.
What about the things you are suppose to do, or say, but you are always delaying them for the next day? ‘Will do it tomorrow’ may eventually not happen.

Be safe, not sorry

You never know what can happen. Extra caution never hurts, but for ignorance, you could pay the higher price. So be ready, prepare yourself and all the members of the family, including pets, and be cautious. You’d better overreact, then be sorry.

* this article is to make you aware and get prepared for everything. It is not meant to depress you or scare you. The best medicine is to live your life happy and fully, as every day was your last day. Remember, you’d better be safe than sorry.

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