Baby dance with Chicken dance Elmo

Baby dance with Chicken dance Elmo

Baby dance starts as early as… the very beginning. You dance with your baby when you lull her to sleep, when the baby cries and you want to comfort her. You dance to make her laugh. She observes you and when she is able to walk by herself, she starts to imitate you and dance by herself. Actually, babies love dancing. Whenever they hear music, they move their body, even if it is not into the rhythm. Sometimes it looks like they have involuntary reaction to the music.
Chicken dance Elmo

Benefits of baby dance

Baby dance helps them:

  • discover their body and test their personal boundaries
  • exercise
  • interact with others / teamwork
  • use imagination and improvise
  • learn other cultures

What is the dance all about?

Dance is not about performing the right steps to the music. It is all about moving to the music by using the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Dance increases skills of perception (they have to listen carefully to the music in order to know how to move), observation (they look at each other and imitate others) and concentration (they have to focus on what they are doing because they want to do it right).

How to develop dancing skills in your baby

You can start with dancing toys, like Chicken dance Elmo by Fisher Price. It is a nice and funny Elmo in chicken costume that moves into the rhythm of “Chicken dance” song. Baby clicks on Elmo’s foot to get him started. He flips his arms and moves his head as he sings the song. You may also want to watch dancing shows with your baby. And when she is bigger she may want to attend a dancing school.

Remember that dancing is a fun and beneficial exercise! For you as well!

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