Baby allergies to pets

Baby Allergies to pets

Baby allergies to pets appear when the baby’s immune system can’t fight off the pet’s dander, saliva or hair, all of which can irritate the baby’s body. If the baby is very sensitive to the pet’s allergen, the symptoms may occur as soon as at the moment of contact exactly and persist for weeks. In mild cases they may disappear as soon as the pet is taken away.

Symptoms of pet allergies

Symptoms of pet allergies are similar to cold symptoms: sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Some babies may suffer from skin rashes or hives. And also asthma. The most important part of the diagnosis it to observe and write down all the situations when the symptoms occurred.

Diagnosis of pet allergies

The are two steps to determine baby allergies to pets:

  • by yourself at home – observe if any pet allergy-like symptoms appear when your baby is near a pet. However, it may not be 100% accurate since pets’ traces may remain for a very long time in the household, and in the meantime they might be confused with a cold as well.
  • skin test – it is the most accurate diagnosis and confirmation of your observation.

Treatment of baby allergies to pets

In case of baby allergies to pets the best way would be to avoid any contact with pets, which means getting rid of pets. But pets are man’s best friends. Would you throw your beloved pet outside? Or give it away? If you are a pet’s lover, you would miss him and want him back so bad. Indeed, it is the only friend that will listen to you and never argue. So probably you are wondering what to do to make everyone happy, to keep the pet and protect your baby from the allergies? The challenge includes:

  • separate pets zone from the pets-free zone
  • replace carpeting by vinyl, tile or wooden floor
  • give your pet a bath as often as possible
  • clean and dust your household regularly
  • keep pets off the sofas, armchairs and bedrooms
  • wash baby’s hands and clothes right after exposure to a pet
  • for older children, allergy shots may be recommended by doctor
  • before even getting a pet, learn which types of pets and which breeds are least likely to cause allergies

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