Baby allergies reactions

Baby allergies reactions

Allergies are very common those days. 21st century brings us too many harmful factors: pollution, bad food, unhealthy lifestyle. As a consequence, human systems try to fight it off by giving signals that something is wrong with the body. These signals are called allergy reactions.
Years ago, people especially babies with allergies were exceptions. Today, it is very rare not to suffer from one. And they start to appear earlier and earlier.

Baby allergies

Baby allergies may start to appear as soon as at the second month of baby’s life. On one hand, the baby’s immune system is not well developed yet. On the other, the 21st century’s factors weaken the baby’s body and slow down the immune system. Baby allergies are often outgrown when the baby’s immune system develops better, usually between the first and second year. But some allergies persist. It is very important to detect them, test and treat. There are two types of baby allergies:

  • internal, coming from food the baby is consuming,
  • and external, coming from external world, like detergents, care products, air, pets, dust.

Symptoms of baby allergies

The most common symptoms of baby allergies are:

  • diarrhea, mucoussy or bloody stools
  • vomiting
  • irritability and/or gassiness
  • rash on the skin, eczema
  • rash in the diaper area
  • runny nose
  • hives (red flat bumps on the skin)
  • swelling of the face, lips and tongue
  • breathing or other respiratory problems
  • closure or tightening of the throat

Internal baby allergies treatment

In both cases, either internal or external, the allergen should be found as soon as possible. To detect an internal allergy, the following measures should be taken: when the baby is breastfed, the mother should try dairy-free diet first. If the allergy symptoms still appear, the ‘elimination diet’ should be considered. If there is no effects, the baby should be switched to formula. If the baby is formula-fed, another type of the formula should be considered. But always, the pediatrician should be consulted.

External baby allergies treatment

How to deal with external baby allergies? In order to help the baby body to smooth the external allergy, the mother should:

  • switch to detergent-free products and soft personal care products
  • use 100% pure cotton and cotton diapers
  • do not over medicate the baby and always consult the dosage with the pediatrician
  • turn on AC and air purifier, and often clean filters
  • clean dust and vacuum more often
  • eventually, move to a least pollen allergic area

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