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I am a Polish mother of a toddler girl who at the second month of her life had symptoms of milk allergy coming from my breast milk. The idea of this website is to share with you the baby’s allergy experience but also the experience of being a first time mother and a mother in a foreign country.
I know it might be difficult to shop for baby stuff when you don’t know where to go or can’t find specific products in one place, especially food for babies with allergies. I went through it. Now, let me help you. All products I am reviewing are the ones I have tested and highly recommend to you. You can find anything from special baby formula with allergy proteins, snacks for babies allergic to dairy, to baby skin allergies creams, interesting toys and unique gear. Those products come from diverse sources to one: this website. And most importantly, I give you lots of information about:

If you need more detailed information or would like to add something to the content, feel free to contact me in the Contact Us section.

Enjoy my website!


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